11 enero, 2008


Cause that union man
has got such a hold over me
he's the man who decides
if I live or I die
if I starve or I eat

but all I want to do
is make some money
and bring you home some wine
for I don't want you to see me
standing in that line

"Get back in the line"
Ray Davies

03 enero, 2008

Dare! significa Atrevete!

Dare! captures the moment when post-punk's robotic fascination with synthesizers met a clinical Bowiesque infatuation with fashion and modern art, including pop culture, plus a healthy love of songcraft. This songs have a self-conscious detachment that enhances the postmodern sense of emotional isolation, obsession with form over content, and love of modernity for its own sake. Few have manipulated technology in such an emotionally effective way. That wouldn't matter at all if The Human League songs themselves weren't smashing.