12 mayo, 2008

It's work, all that matters is work.

Andy was a Catholic
the ethic ran through his bones
He lived alone with his mother
collecting gossip and toys
Every Sunday when he went to Church
He'd kneel in his pew and say
"It's work, all that matters is work."

No matter what I did it never seemed enough
he said I was lazy, I said I was young
He said, "How many songs did you write ?"
I'd written zero, I'd lied and said, "Ten."
"You won't be young forever
You should have written fifteen", It's work

Andy said a lot of things
I stored them all away in my head
Sometimes when I can't decide what I should do
I think what would Andy have said
He'd probably say you think too much
That's 'cause there's work that
you don't want to do
It's work, the most important thing is work!

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