31 agosto, 2009

Don't smoke the official dope

Twenty-four hours in bed
& give your girlfriend head
Put something in your mouth
Like skin not cigarette filth
Suck tit suck tit suck cock suck cock
suck clit suck prick suck it
but dont smoke nicotine dont smoke
dont smoke nicotine nicotine it's
too obscene dont smoke dont smoke
nicotine suck cock suck prick suck tit
suck clit suck it But dont smoke shit nope
nope nope nope Dope Dope Dope Dope
the official dope Dont Smoke

Make believe yer sick
Stay in bed and lick
yr cigarette habit greed
One day's all you need
In deed in deed in deed in deed smoke weed
smoke weed Put something green
in between but don't smoke smoke dont smoke
hope hope hope hope Nicotine dont
smoke the official dope
Dope Dope Dope Dope Dont Smoke
Smoke weed indeed smoke grass yass yass
smoke pot but not nicotine no no
indeed it's too obscene
put something green
in between your lips get hip not square
listen to my wail don't dare smoke coffin nails
ugh ugh ugh ugh the government Drug
official habit for Mr. Babbitt
Dont smoke the official dope
dope dope dope dope don't smoke
Dont Smoke Dont Smoke.

Allen Ginsberg
Put down your cigarette rag

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